Why blogging?

Briefly speaking it is my slice of the Internet pie.
I felt the need to own a place that I can make "my own".
Often enough I use it to capture some learnings that I will want to refer to, later on.

What do I write about?

For as long as I can remember I have spent my spare time learning, tinkering and experimenting. When, as a kid, I have tried programming my first microcomputer I knew it is something that gives me a type of joy that nothing else does.
I am not even sure what it was caused by then, but somehow it hooked me up for a mere few decades of my life.

During that time my commercial and non-commercial experience allowed me to expand my area of expertise from programming to software engineering. I don't just craft application code anymore but look at other aspects of software development lifecycle, including automated quality assurance, coded infrastructure, and system architecture.

I do feel that the niftiest thing software engineering gives me today is the exciting ability

to create an interaction between the human, the machine and the physical environment,

When I reminisce about my childtime visions of the "year 2000" - this exact thing was my dream then, albeit I couldn't express it in these words.

In modern era it is related to various, established fields such as industrial automation, robotics or Internet of Things. I can't help the feeling that letting a coded thought (program) sense and interact with the environment is truly an exciting prospect.

That's why a lot of the posts will be about all the things that get me closer to the above.

While this blog will revolve around various software engineering and technology related topics it will also contain some seemingly random posts as well.

It would get too dry otherwise, and I need to have someplace to let the steam off 😃